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Nşehir Esenyurt

Uçar Grup


The area of the land for N Şehir project is 30188 m 2, which consists of 6 blocks

There is in N Şehir project apartments  0 + 1, 1 + 1,  1+ 2,1 +3 and 1+4

The land of the project is divided into 80% building and 20% green space, playgrounds and kindergartens

Social Activity

Swimming pool, sports venue, basketball court, football field, children’s playgrounds, Fitness club and sports games

Concept of Project

The Residence is suitable for family life and clean life which helps to increase the value of investment in the project

Project Properties

The project is characterized by low revenues and the appearance of two fronts with green spaces and there are cafes, restaurants, medical clinics and a nearby mosque.

Uçar Grup


Uçar Grup

Project Status