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Gümüş Panorama

Uçar Grup


The area of the land for  Gümüş Panorama project is  18643 m 2
Which consists of 4 blocks.

Gümüş Panorama project has apartments 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1

and 4 + 1

The land of the project is divided into 43% building and 57% green space, playgrounds and kindergartens

Social Activity

Winter swimming pool There are days for women and a summer swimming pool, a place for sports, a place for barbecue and food, basketball court, tennis court, children’s playgrounds and children’s playground,fitness and Sports Games There are days dedicated to women, sauna and Turkish bath

Concept of Project

The Residence is suitable for family life and clean life, which helps to increase the value of investment in the project

Project Properties

The project is characterized by low revenues and the appearance of two fronts with green areas and available within the Residence cafes, restaurants, medical clinics and a mosque next to the complex and the apartment is divided into several types of project and this is what distinguishes the project

Uçar Grup


Uçar Grup

Project Status